Labor & Delivery.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

My pregnancy went seamlessly and I enjoyed feeling all the movements. They were so active and kicking like crazy. I could easily tell who was who and loved every second of it. Although I was as big as a house, I cherished being pregnant because I knew it was something we almost didn’t get.

I was like a sponge. I couldn’t get enough information about being pregnant with multiples, laboring, delivery, and then all the fun that follows. Poor Jeremy. I dragged him to so many breastfeeding, multiples, and birth/baby classes. He was always such a good sport. He never was thrilled about going but I knew that when we got down and dirty, I would not remember how to breathe. I needed him. Looking back, he was the GOAT birthing partner. I could never have known how amazing he would be at that.

One early morning in November, just before the students arrived at school a frenzy ensued. What was this? A 7th grade teacher’s water broke? At school? My worst nightmare was coming to life. That would not happen to me though. I knew all the signs, I read all the books. When my bag of water ruptured, I would be prepared! Over Christmas break I was having the time of my life. I still had 6 weeks to go but everything was going great so they were saying I’d probably go to 39 weeks and they’d have to induce labor. I had no signs of pre-term labor, never any BH contractions, nothing! In fact, just 5 days before the twins were born we were down in South Carolina celebrating Christmas with my family and my OB okayed the trip. I would be a perfect textbook twin delivery. My BFF from France and her husband were in the States for the holidays and drove up to North Carolina to see us. We had a great visit. I noticed some clear leakage, but my sister said it was normal so on with my life I went. I hugged Darcy, Lauren, and Matt goodbye and as they left my house I too left and headed to my 34 week check up. IMG_4124[1].JPG

Jeremy met me at Dr. Callahan’s. We had a normal ultrasound, minus the fact that Sadie was being a little shy. I casually mentioned to the doctor that I was losing some clear fluid and that was new within the past 2 days. She asked if I wanted her to take a look. Sure, why not? Let’s see what this is all about. She took a swab and looked at it under the microscope and came back in. “Lauren, I saw some ferning on the slide and I want you to go to the hospital to have them run a more in-depth test. Just to be sure. No big deal. They’ll probably send you home right after.” I was only a little annoyed because I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Anyway, we complied and went next door to Women’s Hospital.

I checked in and we went to a triage room where they told me my water broke 2 days ago. Pump the brakes. What? How did that happen? I was waiting on this dramatic experience like in the movies. A big gush of warm water that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. But nope, me, the girl who read all the books, went to all the classes, asked all the questions, talked to all the people. Her water broke 2 days ago and she had NO. IDEA. Never even crossed my mind. Turns out it was Spencer’s bag of water that had broken and because he was higher than Sadie, it was more like a slow leak than the big gush I was waiting on.

“Y’all I’m kinda scared to push two humans out of my body!”
Great. What do we do now? For the next few hours we got conflicting information. They did, however, admit me and said I wouldn’t leave pregnant. But no one could decide what to do with us. I was only 34 weeks so the best place for those babies was right where they were. But the chance of infection was too great to not begin labor. Because I was high risk, the OBs deferred to MFM. We came in at an odd time, it was between shift change for the 2 specialists. One was young and fresh, the other was more experienced. She wanted me to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. He wanted to get things going right away. He won. They came in at 9 the next morning and said we were having some babies that day. Induction officially started at 11.

Wait. I’m not ready for this. I hadn’t even finished watching the second season of Fuller House. Their nursery wasn’t done (read: hadn’t even been started). Sub plans were not ready. I totally expected to walk back in my classroom after Christmas break. This was not good timing. At least my house was clean.

I told them to do whatever they needed to do to avoid a c-section which was a far cry from when we initially went back to Dr. C in July. I remember asking her if we could go ahead and schedule my c-section right then. Not anymore. I had psyched myself up and was prepared. I could do it. My body was made to do this. Many women had gone before me and were just fine. They started dripping pitocin at 1 and I was feeling great. I remember laying in that bed rolling my hair in the perfect sock bun and doing my make up because I wanted to be cute when my babies met me. Just like Kim Kardashian.

As the day went on I was still feeling fine. Laughing, carrying on with the nurses and Jeremy. I was feeling pretty good about myself. Childbirth would be a breeze because I was a beast at this. Though I wouldn’t have turned it down, I had to get an epidural. The chance of an emergency c-section was too great. So when I was 6 cm around 6:30 pm, Dr. Clark told me to get it then. I was progressing fast enough now that when it came time to “need it”, it would be too late. So the anesthesiologist came in and administered the drug. I was still feeling great. My mama and mother-in-law were in there. Sweet Jeremy never left my side. Just as I predicted, when it got real I had no idea how I was supposed to breathe or what I was supposed to do to make this bearable. Insert my dear husband who breathed with me, reminded me of the soothing techniques we learned and kept me grounded. Like he always does. Like he always will.

Let me back up and add this part. Sadie was head down the entire pregnancy. Spencer was transverse and they were unsure what he would do when Sadie was born and he suddenly had a ton of room to move about. The doctor on call was young and by her own admission was not experienced in twin deliveries. More specifically a twin breech extraction. An older, more experienced OB in their practice agreed to be on call for our delivery to completely avoid a c-section. Remember people, I said AT ALL COSTS. And I meant it.

Then it got real. Contractions were getting closer and more intense. Between contractions though my sisters were FaceTiming me, my Family Group Text was asking for selfies, my precious sister-in-law, niece, and nephew came in to visit. We were having the best of times. IMG_4128[1]

As contractions got even closer, they wheeled me into the operating room. All twins deliver in the OR just in case of an emergency cesarean. It was so chaotic. By some mistake, the OR wasn’t ready for us so an intense contraction came and I was just laying on the stretcher in the hallway while they’re trying to prep the room. Then one of the surgical techs tripped over my epidural line and PULLED IT OUT. I didn’t even notice. Miraculously.

I was in the delivery room when two of my nieces were born. Both were such precious, sacred moments. I just knew my own delivery would be magnified and so special. It was a beautiful experience, but nothing like either of us imagined. Intense is the only word I can think of to describe the moments leading up to their birth. I pushed for the longest 40 minutes of my life and then our world changed. Forever.

When my sweet Sadie was born I was exhausted. I had to dig deep to find the strength for those last few pushes. As soon as she was born I pushed 2 more times. Spencer turned and was breech. Experienced Dr. Horvath rolled her sleeves up and was elbow deep in my uterus. 2 minutes later Spencer was born. Feet first.

Sadie Louise was born at 8:57 pm. She was 5 lbs 4 oz and 19 1/4 inches long.IMG_4136[1]

Spencer Michael was born at 8:59 pm. He was 4 lbs 9 oz, and 17 1/4 inches long.


They were both perfect and we were in love.



We knew they were heading straight for the NICU, so Jeremy went with them upstairs and my mom was allowed in the OR while they finished up with me. I lost an incredible amount of blood. Two times as much as a normal twin delivery. I remember at one point nodding off and being aware that I was losing consciousness. I heard my nurse ask Dr. Clark “Should I call a stage 3 hemorrhage?” “Not yet.” As always God was faithful and I recovered just fine.

I had done it. I delivered my two babies and they were perfectly healthy. Now the real fun begins.



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  1. I am so so thankful and blessed I was able to be there through all of this! I was so excited for y’all!!! Love you guys and my sweet Sadie and Spencer too!

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