10 months.

This month Spencer started pulling up, standing, and walking with the walker or around furniture. Sadie still just likes to … More

9 months.

How is this even possible? My little miracle babies have been on this earth for 9 months. I have gotten … More

8 months.

I can’t believe that we are already at 8 months. It seems that every month just goes faster and faster. … More

7 months.

This month has been nothing short of amazing. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a teacher … More

5-6 months.

We are now 10 months in and looking back at these pictures, they don’t even look like the same babies. … More

3-4 months.

In the interest of keeping up with this blog better, I am going to condense these 2 months into 1 … More

2 months

We were very blessed that the twins kept the same schedule. I’ve always heard to never wake a sleeping baby. … More

1 month.

Our precious babes came home at different times, so we were somewhat “eased into” the twin parent life. We had … More


We had a consult with a neonatologist during labor. We knew when they were born, they were going to the NICU. … More